The safety of your people is of paramount importance to us.  We take it as seriously as we take the safety of The Marketing Junction team members.  We also have a responsibility to all of our clients, the communities we live in, and our families.

Site visits will only be conducted when we are not in a lockdown situation or at Tier 4.

Should we or you be in Tier 4 or lockdown, then we will be available for site visits in line with the government advice only.  Namely that the service you offer is of a critical nature (thereby designating you key workers) and where the support cannot be offered remotely.

There must be a clear email inviting us to site confirming the above and your agreement to comply with the below.

You must:

  • Have a COVID-19 policy that is being followed
  • Ensure all people wear surgical grade masks at all times
  • Take body temperatures of everyone on site
  • Provide hand gel stations
  • Ensure meeting rooms are well ventilated
  • Ensure the work station provided to us has been cleaned in accordance with COVID guidance
  • Make certain all staff run the track and trace app
  • Provide enough space for social distancing
  • Fund The Marketing Junction with 5 days’ worth of lateral flow tests post-visit (£42.50) for each employee that visits the site
  • Have a parking space available so that the The Marketing Junction employee does not have to catch public transport.

In addition, we will:

  • Comply with your own site policies
  • Wear surgical grade masks at all times
  • Never attend site if we have symptoms, tested positive or been informed that we must self-isolate
  • Undertake lateral flow tests within the office for a period after a visit
  • Run the NHS track and tracing app at all times
  • Not attend other client sites unless they can adhere to this policy
  • Leave site immediately if the client is unable to adhere to this policy or we develop symptoms


Any terms and conditions in place are not affected by this policy.